Team Building Adventures

Team Building Adventures
Senior Outings

This Thursday, Year 7 took part in a Team Building Activity Day as they approach the end of their second full week at St Edward’s.

The morning was spent busily creating rafts at the South Cerney Outdoor Centre, so that the various groups could then have a race across the lake. Our students took to the task with ease, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to work together in order to build the best and most buoyant raft! With lots of splashes, laughter and the occasional dip into the lake, students were very excited to be able to bond as a year group together.

In the afternoon, the Year group returned to School to take part in a range of outdoor challenges including a giant archery target board, zorbing, a gladiator ring and an inflatable obstacle course. Each section activity was designed to challenge our students’ accuracy, balance, speed and stamina, with extra tasks thrown in!

Throughout the day, it was fantastic to see the group supporting each other, working towards a shared goal, and most of all having fun!

The day finished with pizza and cookies in the main hall. What a brilliant day and, for many, no doubt a highlight of their St Edward’s journey so far.

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Team Building Adventures