Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light
Senior Drama

Year 11 students have been learning the art of stage lightning as they prepare for their GCSE Drama written exam this term. As part of their studies, they have gained a thorough understanding of why lighting is so integral to a play and how it plays an unspoken part in any production. They have also become confident with the technical vocabulary, adding it confidently to their discussions and exam answers.

Not only have students gained an in-depth insight into the theory behind lighting, how it can shape a scene, represent a character and invoke an atmosphere but they had also had the exciting opportunity to put the theory to the test in an interactive lesson led by the Director of Drama, Mrs Monk. The task was for them to think about how they would use lighting in a scene from “DNA”, their set text.

This task led to discussions on how gels can be used to change the light’s colour and as a result influence different emotions. The students worked collaboratively to create a lighting state with a blue gel, minimal lighting up-stage and a lantern used stage left in order to create exaggerated shadows on a character’s face, thereby signifying the theme of uncertainty and mistrust within the play.

The lesson was a fantastic way to put theory into practice, allow students the chance to use the outstanding facilities in the Drama Studio and ensure they are fully prepared for their upcoming exams! Sixth Form Drama Scholar, Niamh M is currently directing a production of “DNA”, featuring actors from Year 9 and Year 10. Tickets will be on sale soon for performances on 24th and 25th May.

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Let There Be Light