Senior House Day 2022

Senior House Day 2022
Senior Competitions

It was House Day at the Senior School on Thursday – an opportunity for all students to work together in their respective Houses to try and earn as many points as possible. There was a huge amount of House Spirit on show as students took part in a range of engaging activities set by each of our Academic Faculties.

An activity enjoyed by Year 9 and 10 in Humanities was the International Trade Game. It is a game that puts teams of students in the role of governments of high income, emerging and low income countries. As teams they have to use their resources to produce commodities, and trade on the open market. The forces of supply and demand determined prices, and it steady prices could not be relied on. After 45 minutes of trade, the teams drew five conclusions in five minutes, and gave very effective speeches to the rest of the Year and a panel of Lower Sixth judges. The teachers then gave some insight into the Humanities aspects of the game, and Mrs Lloyd congratulated them on their excellent team skills that could so easily transfer to the workplace. It was a very competitive game, which proved that rich countries do not always win, and that trade is a powerful tool in determining global living standards.

In addition to the Faculty activities there was also an inflatable challenge, and in the afternoon, all students took part in a ‘Primary Sports Day’.

At the end of the Day the points earnt throughout the day were counted up and the results were as follows:

House Day Results

  • 1st place | Newman
  • 2nd place | More
  • 3rd place | Fisher

Along with the House Points accumulated throughout the year, the totals from House Day, as well as Sports Day, were then all combined to decide the overall winners of the House Cup. This year, Newman House took the Crown in a closely fought competition! Well done, Newman!

Congratulations to everyone for the dedication and commitment shown to all House events throughout the course of this academic year.

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Senior House Day 2022