Model Working in A Level Psychology!

Model Working in A Level Psychology!
Senior Psychology

In A Level Psychology this week, Lower Sixth students were busy trying to make models of memory from play-doh!

The challenge consisted of students trying to recall the multi-store model of memory and, in 10 minutes, replicating this process using play-doh, pens and their own memory! In groups, they hastily went through the process, making miniature eyes, ears, etc., to symbolise forms of encoding and even bins to symbolise lost memories!

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the task and were also able to incorporate HPL values and behaviours into the challenge such as creating and realising, through speed, accuracy, automaticity and intellectual playfulness.

Psychology Teacher, Dr Stevenson, was very impressed by the level of detail, creativity and most importantly, how much students could remember with all teams getting well-earned green cards as a reward. Overall, it was a fantastic, inventive way of teaching students how memories are stored!

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Model Working in A Level Psychology!