Sudsy Science

Sudsy Science
Senior Science

In this week’s Year 7 Science Club, students donned their protective glasses and gloves for an extra special activity – making bath bombs, using only items that can be found in the home.

The challenge was ensuring that the ratio between the wet and dry ingredients throughout was perfect, in order to prevent the mixture from starting to fizz prematurely. With delicate hands, scoops of sodium hydrogen carbonate and one scoop of citric acid were mixed together thoroughly before drops of vanilla and forget-me-not perfume were added to the mixture. Afterwards, students carefully squirted witch-hazel spray, ensuring the mixture was the right consistency and could be moulded.

Once they were satisfied with the consistency, half sphere moulds were filled with their concoctions and gently pressed to release their completed bath bombs. Smiles then filled the room as their trays were soon full with an array of sweet smelling bath bombs.

Year 7 Science Club is a wonderful way to encourage passion for this subject, nurture scientific wonder and enable students to use the knowledge they gain during the school day in fun, creative practical’s and today’s session was the perfect example of igniting scientific passion and curiosity!


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Sudsy Science