Please find below St Edward's Cheltenham information regarding fees for registration, sessions, co-curricular and more.

Fees from 1st September 2024

Registration & Deposit Cost (per child)
Registration Fee (non-refundable) £75 per child
Deposit for EU Pupils* £500 per child
Deposit for non-EU pupils** A Term’s Fee

* The deposit is refunded upon leaving the School once all financial matters have been resolved. 
** A reduced deposit scheme is available for posted military families.  Please contact the Finance Team for further information.

2024/2025 School Fees

  Year Termly Fee
Senior                                                 Year 7                                         £5,995                                             
Year 8 £6,225
Year 9 £6,450
Year 10 £7,100
Year 11 £7,100
Sixth Form Lower 6th £7,100
Upper 6th £7,100

School fees are inclusive of school lunches.

After-School Supervision and Activities

There is no additional charge for after-school activities. Children who are staying on can purchase a snack or simply wait in The Canopy until 4.15pm.

Clubs and after school activities start from 4.15pm and end at 5.15/5.30pm. CCF runs until 6pm.  

Homework Club is from 4.15pm until 6.00pm, Monday-Friday inclusive and is supervised by teachers on a rota basis. The collection is from Reception at any time during these hours.

Children can wait on The Bridge for collection from 5.45pm.


Private Tuition

Sibling Discount

Sibling discounts are available where a family has three or more children attending the School at the same time. A third child will receive a discount of 20%. Fourth and subsequent children receive a discount of 40%.

Terms and Conditions

For our terms and conditions, please click here.

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