European Lunch

European Lunch
Senior Competitions

On Thursday, Year 9 treated us, and themselves, to a fabulous European themed lunch in the Canopy. This was the first such event for three years and the students certainly made the most of the opportunity.

After much discussion and research in recent lessons, they worked in groups to prepare background information, menus and superb selections of typical food from eleven different European countries, including Italy, Germany, Portugal, Germany, England and Switzerland.

The judging panel of Mr Burke, Miss McGowan, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Watson had a wonderful time discussing and sampling all the dishes before deliberating and deciding on the winning countries in each category.

The results were as follows:

  • Overall Winners: Cyprus – Matthew A, Pierre J, Patrick M, Logan W.
  • Best Food Prepared: Sweden – Oscar A, Douglas E, Nat H, Kieran M, Leo P.
  • Best Presentation: Spain – Leah B, Lyra D, Alice G.
  • Best Background: France – Georgie A, Daisy C, Lola F, Hattie S.

Edible prizes were awarded, with certificates to follow!

Well done, Year 9 on producing such interesting and varied meals and presenting them in such an appealing way!

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European Lunch