Linguistic Poetry

Linguistic Poetry
Senior Competitions

On Friday in the Main Hall, students from Year 7 to Year 10 took part in the Inter-House MFL Poetry Recitation Competition where they were tasked with reciting poems in either Spanish or French to a live audience and a panel of four judges. Students were then marked on their pronunciation, fluency and expression. Each year group was given a different poem to recite which challenged their abilities and grew more difficult as we went up the year groups. 

Everyone performed brilliantly, with enthusiasm and confidence, and their passion for languages shone throughout. 

The results were as follows:

Year 7: 1st place = Ihnat Z, joint 2nd place = Olivia F, Giorgia P, Ines W

Year 8: 1st place = Daria L, 2nd place = William P

Year 9: 1st place = Tom A, 2nd place = a trio of Matthew A, Leo D and Douglas E-D

Year 10: 1st place = Jacob R, 2nd place = Joe D

In the end, the winning House was Fisher with Newman in second place.

Many congratulations to everyone for taking part and thank you to the MFL Faculty for holding this fantastic event.

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Linguistic Poetry