Sewing Artistic Talent

Sewing Artistic Talent
Senior Art

On Friday, students from Year 7 to Upper Sixth participate in a textile workshop run by an esteemed local textile artist, Suzanne Campbell. A range of students from Art Scholars to those with a talent for the subject, had a fantastic time learning a great deal from Suzanne who is a firm believer in using a range of techniques and recycled materials. Her work is based on geometric and architectural forms, which will surely influence our artists greatly. 

During the workshop students were working from abstract views of the town of Cheltenham to produce a 2D piece that will broaden their understanding of working in a variety of media to create a successful outcome. They each had to bring in an old piece of clothing or fabric made from cotton, linen or denim, to provide the base for their piece. As the day wore on, delicate fingers threaded string, tied knots and slowly, their works transformed. 

With works being at least an A4 surface, it was brilliant to see students use their knowledge of space, range and area to produce excellent pieces.

It was a wonderful experience for our artists which allowed them to develop art skills, such as using materials, mathematical practices and spacing; the workshop also promoted a more in-depth understanding of the subject.

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Sewing Artistic Talent