Meeting of the Stride Darnley Society

Meeting of the Stride Darnley Society
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This week it was the turn of Year 9 students to speak at a meeting of the Stride Darnley Society. The Society, which has been in existence for well over ten years, meets on a regular basis and aims to foster public speaking and presentation skills. During this week’s meeting, an audience of staff members and Year 9 students heard two fantastic presentations from Pierre J and Jessica L.

First up was Jessica who spoke eloquently about ‘The Perfect Education System’ whereupon she investigated and researched how different countries structure the school day, and various ways to improve homework and the impact on learning. Through the use of secondary research, Jessica was able to discuss this topic in a great level of depth, highlighting the positives and negatives in a balanced way. At the end, several teachers, including our Headmaster, Mr Burke, offered up thoughtful questions about logistics and opened up the floor to this vast debate. Jessica was exceptional at displaying a high level of detail, and confidence when speaking publicly, as well as resilience when answering difficult questions.

Next up was Pierre whose presentation was on ‘What the world would look like in 2050’. Pierre demonstrated a keen eye for research and analysis of contemporary technological investments which are being spearheaded by the likes of Elon Musk, Apple and Google.  Pierre discussed the ways in which cities may be transformed from where people would be living, along with augmented reality, travel and how renewable energy would transform the planet. The presentation was hugely interesting and enjoyable, leading many of those in attendance to question for themselves what might be in store for the future of the world.

Both speakers were outstanding in showcasing their talent for public speaking and demonstrated key HPL skills of perseverance and concern for society and confidence. Well done to our excellent speakers!

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Meeting of the Stride Darnley Society