Students Guest Star on St Edward’s Podcast

Students Guest Star on St Edward’s Podcast
Senior Community

Last year, the St Edward’s Trust embarked on a new project where the aim was to bring together members of our school communities, from Prep and the Senior and Sixth Form, to discuss projects, education and what makes our schools so special in a weekly podcast. The episodes have talked about everything from well-being to High Performance Learning and students reflecting on their experiences at school.

Last term saw some Year 7 students re-living the highlights of their team building adventure day and we have also heard from our group of Industrial Cadets, who talked about the skills they have gained and the impact the Industrial Cadet Project has had on their personal growth. Last week notably saw the cast and crew from ‘Seussical the Musical‘ discuss behind-the-scenes action and detailed why parents should come and see this fantastical, magical musical extravaganza! We have discussed the importance of Music and Drama at the Prep School, our Head of Prep, Mr Fathers, was asked some interesting questions by our Year 3-6 pupils and we also even had an episode from the School Farm!

This week’s episode covers the GCSE Options process and in forthcoming episodes we will hear from even more students as we talk about the opportunities available in the Sixth Form and hear from Year 7 students as they answer questions from Year 6 Prep pupils about what it is like to move up to Senior School. We also have several episodes planned in with pupils from our Prep School to give more of an insight into what life is like for the younger members of our community.

The podcasts have been a hit with our school community with many parents and students revisiting episodes to learn more about school life in action. It has been a great experience for the students who have participated in the recording process. The challenge to speak well and ensure their thoughts across clearly and concisely has been a great aid to developing self-confidence – a key HPL skill.

We look forward to creating more episodes over the coming months and continuing to share why our school is so special with the wider community.

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Students Guest Star on St Edward’s Podcast