Tackling Computer Challenges Bit by Bit

Tackling Computer Challenges Bit by Bit
Senior IT

The Oxford University Computing Challenge is an invitation event aimed at students who achieved a top 10% score in the UK Bebras Challenge which took place last term. The goal is to develop students’ skills further and produce programmed solutions to computational thinking problems.

To prepare for their participation, St Edward’s students have been given a range of tasks, focussing on a range of specific areas such as conditionals, functions, logical and algorithmic thinking, pattern identification and de-bugging. On Monday, a collection of students from Year 7 to Year 10 were excitedly working together, with the aim of solving a series of complex exercises. Ethan G (Year 7) noted his enthusiasm at taking part in this opportunity, expressing how much he has learnt in such a short time and speaking eloquently of his passion for coding.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to discover the variety that exists within Computer Science. It’s also a great chance to display important HPL values such as hard work and perseverance.

We wish everyone the best of luck in this challenge and will share news of how they get on later this term!

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Tackling Computer Challenges Bit by Bit