Eye-Opening Biology

Eye-Opening Biology
Senior Biology

This week, Year 10 and 11 students had an exciting experience in GCSE Biology as they donned aprons and gloves and grabbed their scalpels to learn more about internal organs.

Year 10 students were first up, dissecting hearts, where the aim of the lesson was to visualise the structure of the heart, as well as explain and understand how it pumps blood around the body through blood vessels. Around the room, eager students flourished in this lesson, keen to learn more and see first-hand the several parts of the heart. The students were interested to discover that the heart was heavier than they expected, and were fascinated by the complexity of organisms, as they successfully identified the various sections unaided.

Next up, Year 11 students had the delicate task of dissecting an eye, which involved a lot of careful precision and patient hands to ensure they didn’t tear or break key parts of its structure. In teams, they were able to learn more about the eye’s structure, where the lens sits and how light travels through it.

These types of lessons are an excellent way to ensure students are able to take a hands-on approach to their learning and guarantee that they will not forget what is an important part of their studies! They also allow our students to exhibit HPL behaviours through collaborative working and the linking of previous lessons to their current studies.

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Eye-Opening Biology