Displaying Creativity in Biology!

Displaying Creativity in Biology!
Senior Biology

Year 9 students in Mrs Fowler-Roberts’ Biology class worked in teams this week to design and construct models of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems.

Under the watchful eye of Mrs Fowler-Roberts, a collection of plastic, pipe cleaners, bottle tops and paper was turned into detailed models of a heart, digestive system, a nerve cell and brain cells! Colourful posters brought the interconnectivity of intestines to life, whilst plastic tubes became arteries.

Each team demonstrated an excellent understanding of the complexity of the organ or cell of choice, comprehending the way it functions, the proportions and how it works within the body. It was exciting to see 2D drawings become 3D models as ideas were developed through this creative task.

At the end of the class, Mrs Fowler-Roberts then asked students to think about which HPL characteristics they had used during the activity, with strategic planning, imagination and connection being identified as the top ones they developed, refined and utilised.

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Displaying Creativity in Biology!