To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme

To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme
Senior Languages

Students at our Senior and Sixth Form marked National Poetry Day in style on Thursday.

The day began with a lively assembly, led by Head of English Faculty, Mr Hunter, which showcased the wonderful work submitted by our creative students as part of a poetry competition.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded prizes for their entries:

  • Bryher M (Year 7) – ‘Musical Notes’
  • Alex I (Year 8) – ‘The Perfect Job’
  • Sofia I (Year 9) – ‘The Girl in the Mirror’
  • Alice G (Year 10) – ‘The Choice of Cake’
  • Isaac J (Year 11) – ‘I Would Type It But It Would Ruin the Third Paragraph’ and ‘Library of Sound’

In each of their poems our students displayed a flair for language and a deep understanding of how the choice of words can impact the tone of their work!

At lunchtime, students were further challenged with the task of performing poetry from memory at a ‘Poetry Slam’. Students across all year groups took part, with solo and group performances. There were renditions of poetry from famous works such as William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’, to Simon Armitage’s ‘Remains’.

Throughout the day, students impressed their teachers with their enthusiasm, confidence and passion for the written word. Many congratulations to everyone involved in the day and thank you to the English Department for throwing a ‘word-erful’ day!

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