Overcoming Disability with Peter Pepys – Goodchild MBE

Overcoming Disability with Peter Pepys – Goodchild MBE
Senior Life Skills

This Tuesday, Sixth Form students were delighted to receive a visit from disability rights campaigner, Peter Pepys-Goodchild MBE.

Mr Pepys-Goodchild, who has cerebral palsy and was unable to speak until the age of 14, spoke with passion about his resolve to overcome perceptions of his condition and as a result, was able to attend the National Star College at Ullenwood, near Cheltenham. Over the years, he has became a champion for disabled people, being elected to the Conservative Disabled Group’s executive committee. Mr Pepys-Goodchild was also instrumental in improving access for disabled people on transport by lobbying to get disabled toilets and dedicated spaces for wheelchairs on trains, thereby ensuring that people had proper access to facilities outside of the home.

It was hugely interesting to hear Mr Pepys-Goodchild speak about his varied life experiences, and our students were extremely impressed by his levels of determination and clear passion to improve the lives of disabled people in the UK. It was evident that through his dedication to the issues he feels strongly about, that he has been able to impact national policy, which has had considerable impact on the lives of many.

It was an incredibly inspiring session for our students, showing that it is possible, with resolve and commitment, to overcome adversity and achieve great things.

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Overcoming Disability with Peter Pepys – Goodchild MBE