Hunting for Circle Theorems in Year 10 Maths!

Hunting for Circle Theorems in Year 10 Maths!
Senior Maths

This week, the HPL theme of the week is linking; the skill that enhances learning through reinforcing connections between lessons, identifying patterns and using imagination to see the bigger picture in ideas, processes and events. Year 10 Maths students have been working on this skill with a challenge set by Mrs Holby, designed to encourage the previous learning of angles facts in a Maths style Treasure Hunt.

Students were asked to think about how they have previously learnt about angles and then link it with their more recent learning on circle theorems and geometric proofs. The room was filled with the buzz of discussion as they worked together to figure out the missing angles in a series of problems, utilising their prior knowledge on angle facts to make connections.

It was a fantastic way to highlight the progression in their learning, encourage students to identify connections between topics and recognising the bigger picture in ideas!

This has culminated in students creating their own revision resource on the whole of their angles learning. Some have produced posters, others a set of flash cards and many have opted to produce PowerPoints. All these resources are sure to help them as they prepare for their iGCSE Maths in Year 11.

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Hunting for Circle Theorems in Year 10 Maths!