Co-curricular Cricket hits its Stride

Co-curricular Cricket hits its Stride

It’s the season for cricket!

We are huge fans of the game here at St Edward’s and this term has seen our co-curricular Cricket Clubs attract excellent numbers of both boys and girls of all year groups at the Senior School.

With no cricket played last summer due to the pandemic, finally hearing the sound of leather on willow in our new Cricket nets has been fantastic, despite the poor weather recently!

Playing the game of Cricket challenges players to apply a unique set of skills including balance, hand-eye co-ordination, and concentration (all of which also improve performance in other sporting activities).

We are really excited to have the girls beginning their cricketing journeys alongside the boys during games and after school sessions at the Senior School this term. After a few weeks practising bowling, batting and fielding techniques with softer “Windballs”, this week, the Year 9 girls took to the nets for some “hard ball” practice, donning the pads and helmets, Lene Z, Megan P and Abigail T enjoyed their first opportunity to strike the harder ball and showed great promise with the bat in hand.

Although we are hoping to play some inter-year group matches, this summer will predominantly see our Cricketers preparing for next year, when we are really looking forward to seeing them put what they’ve learnt into action.

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Co-curricular Cricket hits its Stride