Start of Year Service

Start of Year Service

Until Summer of 2021 choirs have not been able to rehearse together, school assemblies have been online, and music groups have been something of a solo act.

Despite this, St Edward’s Senior School came together in just a few days after the start of term to share in a collective act of worship to welcome in our new year, new students, and new staff.

A large number of students from across the school also came with prepared readings and prayers, and a team from Year 11 (Isaac, Hugo and Henry) put the necessary technical facilities to work, as we reflected on what it means to belong, to have time with each other and to pray together. Our School Chaplain, Fr Pat O’Keefe, reminded us of the importance of time, with reference to Ecclesiastes (a time for Love, a time for work, a time to sow, a time to reap, etc.). We prayed together for all the year groups in school and also for former members of the school community.

The emphasis throughout was on personal growth through community, hard work and appreciating experiences, with several students speaking about unity and compassion, especially in the wake of current affairs. The poignancy of ‘being there for one another’ through strife was reflected upon consistently and spoken about in eloquent depth by several of our students.

As the service came to a close, the message of peace and appreciating the good was paramount – what a wonderful way to start the term.

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Start of Year Service