The Dangers of Warming Up

The Dangers of Warming Up

Our Year 7 Geographers have been learning about Climate Change this term.

They have discussed the fact that the climate has been changing since time began, and that it is likely to continue to fluctuate in the future. They have also been looking into the dramatic changes that have taken place since the industrial revolution and the effects that this global warming is having on our world and the way in which we live.

Looking at the scientific evidence demonstrating temperature increases, glacier retreat, shifting seasons and rising sea levels, the students have learnt to assess the connections between these events and the various factors that are contributing to their occurrence.

To help to consolidate their knowledge of this this topic, the students have been designing posters that highlight the human factors involved in global warming and provide tips on how we can all reduce our personal impact. They have also calculated the carbon footprint of their family and drafted letters to the Prime Minister, highlighting the need to tackle the issue.

Next, the students will be looking at the particular threat that rising sea levels have on the Maldives, a country with 80% of its land less than one metre above sea level.

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The Dangers of Warming Up