Year 7 Record Breaking Bridges!

Year 7 Record Breaking Bridges!
SENIOR SCHOOL NEWS Design Technology

Year 7 have recently completed a much-loved lesson that has been a Design and Technology Department tradition for over 30 years.

The group discussed bridge construction and the design elements that can be employed in order to maximise strength. Each pupil was given the same materials and strict criteria before getting to work designing and building their own wooden structures.

These structures were then put to the test! Resting on two stacks of blocks, each construction was fixed to a long metal pole, which was then loaded with weights. Tension was in the air during each test, as the students watched with anticipation waiting for the inevitable breaking moment.

All bridges managed a minimum threshold of 10kg, with the winning structure withstanding a whopping 48kg before giving in to the strain – setting a new School record!

Excellent work Year 7!

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Year 7 Record Breaking Bridges!