Lungs in Real Life

Lungs in Real Life

Whilst it is possible to gain a good understanding of the function of the lungs from diagrams and discussion, nothing quite solidifies these concepts quite like a live dissection.

The link between structure and function can be excellently demonstrated using real organs, and the lungs in particular offer some very unique tissue structures to explore.

Year 8 were full of anticipation this week as they observed Mrs Fowler-Roberts dissect a lung in their science lesson. As Mrs Fowler-Roberts identified each of the notable structures present in the ‘pluck’ (several organs in tact with each other), the students were asked to recall the way in which the parts of the respiratory system function, including the trachea, diaphragm, heart and of course, the lungs themselves. After investigating the functionality, each student was given the opportunity to inflate the lungs using a hand pump – something which they each found fascinating.

The students greatly enjoyed this interactive experience, with lots of inquisitive noises and interested facial expressions on display as the lesson progressed.

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Lungs in Real Life