Lower School Spelling Bee

Lower School Spelling Bee

The Lower School Spelling Bee has been a staple of the Spring calendar at St Edward’s for a number of years,

with More House winning the competition a record five times out of the previous eight! With heats taking place throughout the week, the grand finale of this hotly contested House competition was held on Friday.

Working against the clock, 18 eager finalists were challenged to spell aloud, as many words as the time allowed. Contestants from Newman took the floor first, followed by Fisher and then More, until several rounds were complete. Contestants gained points for their House for each correctly spelt word. An event full of high drama, the “spell-off” resulted in Newman House winning the competition with a total of 28 points, closely followed by Fisher with 24 points and More with 22 points.

We look forward to seeing whether Newman can retain their crown when the event returns in 2022!

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Lower School Spelling Bee