My Strange Pet

My Strange Pet

Lower School students have been testing their vocabulary in their Spanish lessons this week.

Their recent topic has been ‘pets’, so as a creative cross-curricular task, the students were asked to create a strange animal by combining different body parts from a variety of animals!

Incorporating several HPL Behaviours for Learning, the task challenged the students to demonstrate their IT skills as they used software to to merge images of animals together. They then put their linguistic skills to the test by labelling their creations in Spanish.

Can you match these translated descriptions to their animal?

Picture 1 | “My pet has the head of an eagle, the neck of a giraffe and the body of a zebra. He has the legs of a horse.”

Picture 2 | “I have a strange pet. She is called Elovpagahi and is 3 years old. She has the head of an elephant, the neck and the body of a sheep, the wings of a bird, the tail of a cat and the legs of a hippopotamus. She is funny!”

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My Strange Pet