Awards and Promotions for Cadets

Awards and Promotions for Cadets

One of our most popular co-curricular activities here at St Edward’s, the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), is an excellent tool for developing personal leadership skills in young adults as well as improving communication skills, self-reliance, discipline and team work.

During October half-term, 12 of our Cadets took part in training and assessment for their CFIT (Cadet Force Instructional Techniques) qualification. This teaching qualification gives the Cadets the necessary skills to be able to deliver both skill and theory based lessons from the Cadet syllabus.

These newly qualified Cadets will now use their new skills on a regular basis to deliver training to their fellow Cadets. This experience will be invaluable in later life – the ability to be an effective leader and speak with confidence in front of a group is an often desirable, but rare quality in the workplace.

Cadets who have completed their CFIT qualification

Cpl M McKenna, Cpl A Mander, LCpl M Thomas, LCpl Magume, LCpl M Allwood, Cdt O Messenger, Cdt O Risborough, Cdt B Duffy, Cdt M Benwell, Cdt A Roch-Berry, Cdt Genko

The Contingent would like to thank Sgt Cooper of the West Training Evaluation and Support Team from the RAF for his support during this training event.

Contingent Promotions

The Contingent Commander, Maj Winfield, is very pleased to announce and award the following promotions to Cadets from the St Edward’s School Combined Cadet Force. All of them have shown tremendous leadership skills and have worked very hard within the Contingent over this term and during their time in the CCF.

The following Cadets are promoted, effective of 12th November 2020 to the rank of:

  • Cadet Warrant Officer | CSM L Zimmermann
  • Cadet Staff Sergeant  | SSgt M KcKenna
  • Cadet Sergeant | Sgt A Mander
  • Cadet Corporal | Cpl M Thomas, Cpl A Preece, Cpl S Magume, Cpl M Allwood
  • Cadet Lance Corporal  | LCpl O Messenger, LCpl o Risborough, LCpl B Duffy, LCpl A Roch-Berry, LCpl A Genko, Lcpl M Benwell

A huge ‘well done’ to all of our Cadets receiving qualifications and promotions.

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Awards and Promotions for Cadets