Charitable Christmas Shoeboxes

Charitable Christmas Shoeboxes
Whole School Charity

Senior School students have been taking part in the T4U Christmas Shoebox appeal.

The appeal has been in action for over 25 years and aims to distribute shoebox sized parcels to vulnerable children in locations across Eastern Europe.

The boxes are filled with items that are often easy to get hold of for those of us living in the UK, but that are classed as luxury items by the families that are in receipt of these boxes, such as hygiene products, notebooks, writing items and toys.

Prompted by the St Edward’s Charity Prefects, our student body has packed a whopping 52 boxes between them.

The shoeboxes will be given to vulnerable children, or families, through schools, nurseries, hospitals and orphanages. The aim is that each box is given in relationship with the local community as part of a long-term commitment to these children.

To find out more about the appeal at T4U.

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Charitable Christmas Shoeboxes