Celebrating St Edward’s Day

Celebrating St Edward’s Day
Whole School

This week we are taking the opportunity to reflect on the Patron of our School – St Edward.

Every October the School marks the occasion by celebrating St Edward’s Day – an occasion when we come together as a whole School to reflect on the values associated with St Edward and how we can follow his example in our own lives.

This year, our St Edward’s Day celebrations have needed to be a little bit different. As we cannot be together in person as we usually would be, the Prep and Senior Schools have embarked on a joint art project, so that we can still be together in spirit and celebrate St Edward.

Over the course of the past week, an icon of St Edward has been created, with each pupil and staff member across both schools contributing by adding a finger print in paint (with sanitising precautions of course!). The final image is a symbol of our community and will be displayed in the Senior School Chapel.

Our School Chaplain, Father Pat, led both Schools in worship through two virtual Services – one for the Prep School and one for Senior School.

In both services his message was that we should follow the example set by St Edward to be people of peace, be people of holiness and be happy. Father Pat stressed the importance of accepting and celebrating our differences so that we can all live in harmony together and be thankful for each other’s unique gifts and talents.

St Edward encouraged people to live for the benefit of others and saw the value of every living individual and now today we must do the same in order to make a positive difference to the world.

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Celebrating St Edward’s Day