Meeting of the Stride Darnley Society

Meeting of the Stride Darnley Society

On Tuesday afternoon we held the first gathering of the Stride-Darnley Society of this academic year.

The Society exists to encourage debate and enable our students to develop their skills in the art of public speaking.

At this meeting two of our Sixth Form students delivered presentations on subjects that they had a particular interest in.

First to speak was Daniel L (Year 13) who had chosen The Royal Air Force. Daniel hopes to join the RAF after Sixth Form as a member of their Central Band, playing the Tuba. His presentation was well thought out and covered his family connection to the service, history of the organisation and his hopes for the future.

Head Girl, Harriet R (Year 13) was next with her thoughts on the Gig Economy and its potential to increase women’s participation within the labour market. Harriet had carried out thorough research into the topic and presented some well-rounded opinions on the benefits and drawbacks of the Gig Economy for women needing flexibility when returning to the workforce.

Presentations are a fantastic way for our students to share their knowledge with others. It is also provides an opportunity for the speakers to challenge and expand on their understanding of the topic by answering questions from the audience. In the world of work, a confident presenter is able to inform and persuade colleagues effectively, so taking part in activities such as these meetings will really help our students prepare for the future.

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Meeting of the Stride Darnley Society