St Edward’s is now a HPL World Class School

St Edward’s is now a HPL World Class School
Whole School Awards

St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form, and St Edward’s Prep School, are proud to report that this week, after an accreditation visit from the team of inspectors at High Performance Learning the schools have been awarded its highest honour, of a HPL World Class Award.

High Performance Learning is an educational philosophy based on the research and work of Professor Deborah Eyre, whose approach is based on the “passionate belief that every single child can achieve academic success and live a life full of opportunity and fulfilment regardless of their starting point”.

This is all centred on the starting point that learning is a science, and following many years of research into how people think and learn, have concluded that what was always perceived as impossible is now possible: there are no restrictions on learning.

Gaining this Award is a recognition of the outstanding educational experience we are providing for all pupils at St Edward’s. The report itself comments, “St Edward’s places each individual student at the heart of its practice. The adoption of HPL is now schoolwide and the aspirations teachers have for their students is noticeably high.” It goes on, “Students understand well what they need to do in order to achieve, especially when they are challenged in their learning and working in areas not necessarily to their liking or strengths.”

It also says, “Well-being and achieving an appropriate academic, social, enrichment learning balance is very noticeable and has been exemplified in conversations with pupils, parents, and teachers.”

The report concludes “Students speak highly and affectionately about their teachers. They already know and recognise that learning is being ‘done with them, not to them’. The respect and enthusiasm for the opportunities on offer reflect the family atmosphere that is fostered across the school. Students of all ages feel comfortable living, working, and learning alongside each other. The school can be rightly proud of this success. Students cannot fail to succeed in such an environment.”

In the feedback we received, Professor Deborah Eyre commented, “When ambitious school leaders work with us to harness our philosophy of empowerment – driven by what we know about how children learn – they create world class schools and equip each child with advanced cognitive skills and the essential values, attitudes and attributes that they will need for lifelong success and we are delighted that St Edward’s is now a significant part of our elite Fellowship of HPL World Class Schools.”

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St Edward’s is now a HPL World Class School