Ivy House Awards

Ivy House Awards
Sixthform Awards

On Friday we celebrated the achievements of our Sixth Form students who have completed the Ivy House Award. The Award is an intense course that helps students get ready to lead extraordinary lives by building their core strengths, learning to take 100% ownership of their choices, working to develop a conscious mind, and being pro-active in their well-being. It also helps young people to learn how to build intentional relationships and encourages them to be courageous learners.

Over twenty sessions of quite intense introspection, allowing for honest reflection and vulnerability, our fantastic Sixth Formers have been on quite the leadership journey. As we congratulated their success, we presented their Awards with a celebratory breakfast in the Canopy.

St Edward’s was also awarded its very own Golden Rhino as a mark of how well we’ve all done implementing this marvellous programme. Thanks to Rachael Taylor from Ivy House for taking the time to celebrate with our students.

Be more rhino! Lead an extraordinary life.

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Ivy House Awards