Mixing Music with Well-being

Mixing Music with Well-being

It has been proven that spending time in nature can improve mood and well-being, but not everyone has easy access to the natural world.

Launched on Monday 25th January, the BBC brings virtual soundscapes of music and nature directly to audiences with Radio 3, 6 Music, BBC Sounds, BBC Two’s Winterwatch, the interactive BBC Sound Effects Archive and an innovative scientific experiment. The new BBC Sound Effects website is interactive, enabling pupils to mix their own soundscapes from the wealth of over 30,000 recordings.

This week, students in Years 8 and 9 have been exploring what a soundscape is and creating their own imaginative journey, through sound, to escape aurally around the world. The students came up with some intriguing titles for their final pieces including ‘Underwater Jungle’ and ‘Paradise of Peace’.

This task has linked to the school’s HPL initiative, developing the ‘Agile Minds’ skill.  Undertaking this project enabled the students to be more creative and enterprising by showing interest in the world around them and producing a piece of music that is original to them in form and content.

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Mixing Music with Well-being