A Very Special Recognition

A Very Special Recognition

Sgt Luca Z was appointed Gloucestershire’s Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet last week at a small formal presentation.

The Lord Lieutenant supports military personnel in Gloucestershire: regulars, reserves and cadets. He provides an essential representative link between the military forces and the local community, raises awareness of the benefits and skills gained through part-time military service and assists with recruiting.

Every year the Lord Lieutenant appoints three Cadets from the Sea, Army and Air Cadets across the county to help him perform his duties.

These Cadets are selected in recognition of the outstanding example and devotion to duty they have displayed during their time in the Combined Cadet Force. As a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet, Luca will assist the Lord-Lieutenant in his duties over the next 12 months.

Luca commented:

I am very happy to have been appointed as Gloucestershire’s Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet and am proud to have the opportunity to represent our CCF, our school and the wider Cadet Force in the coming months.

CCF at St Edward’s has recently resumed training and were very pleased to welcome their new Year 8 recruits. Training sessions maintain the existing school year group bubbles in order to maintain safety for all involved.

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A Very Special Recognition