A Level Success for St Edward’s

A Level Success for St Edward’s
Sixthform Announcement

What will A Level results day bring? This has been on the minds of teachers, students and parents since the end of the final examinations back in June.

We are very pleased to announce an impressive set of A Level results at St Edward’s. This year, 29% of all results were at Grades A*-A, with 65% at Grades A*-B and 88% at Grades A*-C.

Among these figures there are some fantastic individual achievements with 25% of students securing straight A*-A grades, as well as great numbers securing their first-choice destination. This, along with continued levels of outstanding value added being secured, is further evidence not only of the outstanding achievements of our students, but also the expertise, dedication and advice of our phenomenal staff.

Headmaster, Matthew Burke said

Today is different to the last two years as students have actually been able to sit their A Level examinations for the first time since before the Pandemic. This week has naturally been an anxious time for our students, parents and staff. As a Head, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it’s like waiting for your own child’s results each year and you just want every student to reach their potential and be happy. Yesterday, as it is every year, the day before the results come out, the media headlines normally whip up a storm about the grades and I end up shouting at the TV to ‘leave them alone’.

The message I left our St Edward’s Upper Sixth with at our prize giving back in July was that whichever path they take will have its risks, but I do believe in the power of the heart and to pursue our passions. Out of every experience can come great opportunities and out of chaos can come great change. We all need to be brave enough to do things that make us happy.

We wish all of our students well as they progress on to the next stage in their journey and look forward to hearing about their future adventures and successes in the years to come.

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A Level Success for St Edward’s