The Careers Coordinator, Mrs Prew is based in the Careers Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week during term time but this can be flexible to meet individual students’ needs. The Careers Centre also houses Café 6 which is open daily between 10.45 to 11.10 am and 12.45 to 14.00 pm and it is seen as a comfortable and conducive environment for Sixth Form students to spend break times and lunchtimes and gain access to careers materials which are easily accessible at all times. Sixth Form students can also use the Computer Area in the Careers Centre during study times where they can revise and also research possible career routes.

There is appropriate internet-linked provision for the students to complete their work and also a wide range of career-based information and resources to review; these are regularly updated. The School’s Careers Coordinator operates an “open door” policy with students to provide individual careers advice and guidance for their next steps where appropriate. For example: the different routes available after completing Year 13 – university, apprenticeships, employment and work.

For those students who wish to progress to university a dedicated member of the Academic staff, Mr Scarboro, supports Years 12 and 13 students to research and identify the appropriate university routes and complete UCAS applications. Years 12/13 also have opportunities to visit higher education fairs and potential universities or colleges.

Impartial and up-to-date careers advice and guidance is viewed as an integral part of the delivery of teaching and learning to Sixth Form students. The Careers and UCAS Co-ordinators work alongside each other to support the young people in Year 12 and 13 to make informed choices about their next steps after their school career has finished.