People are well aware of the many advantages a St Edward’s educational experience provides for all members of our community – in fact this is what attracted me to apply for the role of Headmaster, and also what led me to believe it was the right school for my children, and is probably the reason you are visiting this website now.

We are a Catholic Christian school with a long and proud history of inclusivity. It is our belief that we are preparing our pupils for the world after school and, of course, this requires academic success which they will secure with us. However, for us excellent academic qualifications are not the only thing our students will leave us with at the age of 18. We welcome families from all faiths and those of none. All we ask is that you are supportive of our ethos of treating each pupil as unique and you help us to find, develop and nurture their gifts and talents during their time with us.

What we offer is the best independent day provision there is – providing opportunities during the school day both inside and outside the classroom, clubs and activities that stimulate the body and mind and a dedicated staff who will leave no stone unturned in their quest for your child to be the best they can be. We aim to create lifelong learners out of all our pupils who feel a genuine sense of pride in their school which means they will always be a part of our family.

From the moment I first stepped into St Edward’s I knew it was the place where I and my family belonged. I would encourage you to come and visit us and see if you feel the same. I look forward to hearing about your dreams and aspirations for your children and planning, how together, we can secure them.

Mr Matthew Burke