Headmistress Mrs Pat Clayfield BSc (Hons)
Senior Deputy Headmaster Mr John Lewis BA (Hons)
Deputy Head Academic Mr Chris Reynolds BSc (Hons)
Bursar Mr Michael Coles BA (Hons) MAAT


Art Department

Mr Alan Richardson BA (Hons) Director of Art Mrs Fiona Richardson BA (Hons)
Miss Rachel Haywood BA (Hons)  Miss Georgina Dowling Art Technician

Business Studies Department

Mrs Kelly Benfield BA (Hons) Head of Business Studies and Deputy Head Key Stage 4

Classics Department

Mr Tom Preece Smith BA (Hons) Head of Classics
Mrs Caroline Pursey BEd (Hons)

Design & Technology Department

Mr Chris Lythgoe BSc Head of Design & Technology Mrs Julia Watson BEd (Hons) Head of Food Technology & Textiles
Mr Martin Foley Design & Technology Technician Mr John Lewis BEd (Hons)
Mrs Carol Dunn BEd (Hons)

Drama Department

Mr Jerry Strachan BA (Hons) Director of Drama Mrs Catherine Pozzi BA

English Department

Mr Malcolm Hunter MA Head of English Miss C Palk BA (Hons) Deputy Head of English
Mrs Catherine Pozzi BA Mrs Beatrice Harris BA (Hons)

English as an Additional Language Department

Mr Robert Chatburn MA Head of Modern Languages & International Students Mrs Mary Flood BA EFL
Ms Clare Cody BA (Hons)

Geography Department

Mrs Susan Anderson BSc (Hons) Head of Geography Mrs Lorna Lythgoe BSc (Hons)
Mr Chris Reynolds Bsc (Hons)

History Department

Mr Nicholas Martin MA JP Head of History & Key Stage 3 Mr Dale Scarboro MA Oxbridge Coordinator, US Liaison, Sixth Form Enrichment and UCAS Adviser
Mrs Lorna Lythgoe BSc (Hons)

Individual Learning Department

Mrs Emma Bee BA (Hons) Spld Head of Individual Learning Ms Claire Bowen BA (Hons) SENCO Individual Learning Teacher
Mr Peter Roberts BSc (Hons) Numeracy Teacher Mrs Caroline Powell BA (Hons) MA
Mrs Emma Gilder Teaching Assistant

Computing Department

Mr Domenico Geracitano BA (Hons) Miss Catherine Fraser BA (Hons)
Mr Jan Pakula MA CCNA, CCNP

Mathematics Department

Mrs Laura Quiney BSc (Hons) Head of Mathematics Dr James Horlock BSc (Hons) Deputy Head of Mathematics
Mrs Sadie Bunting BSc (Hons) Ms Emma Silversides BSc (Hons)

Modern Languages Department

Mr Robert Chatburn MA Head of Modern Languages & International Students Mrs Caroline Pursey BEd (Hons) Deputy Head of Department; French
Mrs Anna Chatburn BA (Hons) French, German & Spanish Mr Domenico Geracitano BA (Hons) French and Spanish
Mrs Nathalie Pope BSc (Hons) French Assistant Mrs Gema Casanvova BESANA Spanish Assistant

Music Department

Mrs Nicola Pope BMus (Hons) MA Director of Music Mr Kit Wapshott MA

Physical Education Department

Ms Alexandra Kenyon BSc (Hons) Director or Sport Mr Kit Wapshott MA Head of Sports Science
Mr Oliver Winterbottom BA (Hons) Mrs Carol Dunn BEd (Hons)
Miss Alice Shea Miss Catherine Fraser BA (Hons)
Mr Adam Keylock Mr John Lewis BEd (Hons)

Psychology Department

Mrs Jennie Roberts BA (Hons) Head of Psychology

Religious Studies Department

Mr Steven McKenna BA Head of Religious Studies, Head of PSHE & Head of Key Stage 4 Mrs Anna Chatburn BA (Hons)
Mrs Beatrice Harris BA (Hons) Ms Alexandra Kenyon BSc (Hons)
Mr Oliver Winterbottom BA (Hons) Mrs Sue Anderson BSc (Hons)

Science Department

Mrs Katherine Safe BSc (Ed) Hons Head of Science Dr Benjamin Aspey BScMPhil PHD Head of Chemistry
Mr George Rodrigues BSc (Hons) MBA; Head of Biology Mr Alan Porter BSc MA
Ms Iyleya Fowler-Roberts BSc (Hons) Mrs Julia Watson BEd (Hons)
Mrs Elizabeth Hammond BSc (Hons) Mrs Helen Fielding Laboratory Technician
Mrs Helen Keen Laboratory Technician



Mr Dale Scarboro MA Sixth Form Enrichment, Oxbridge Advisor, US Liaison & UCAS Co-ordinator
Mrs Susan Prew CertEd(FE) MCMI MSET RCDP  Careers Co-ordinator


Mrs Julia Watson BEd (Hons) Examinations Officer
Mr Alan Porter Bsc MA Curriculum Co-ordinator & Deputy Examinations Officer

 Gifted & Talented

Mr Nick Martin MA JP


Miss Laura Bailey MA AKC Librarian

CCF & Outdoor Education

Staff Sergeant Adam Keylock Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator, SSI for CCF
Lt Col (Rtd) Dave Duggan Contingent Commander of CCF


Mrs Anthea Dufour BA (Hons) Headmistress’s PA & Admissions Manager
Mrs Alison Scarboro Office Manager
Mrs Jane Ward Receptionist
Mrs Caroline Collopy Receptionist
Mrs Valerie Fairbairn BSc Academic Systems Officer
Mrs Patricia Hemming Records & Publications Secretary
Mrs Emma Rye RGN School Nurse
Miss Annalouise McQuilkin MA (Cantab) Interim Head of Admissions and Marketing
Mrs Magda Nowacka Marketing and Admissions Assistant
Miss Katie Paul BA (Hons) Marketing and Admissions Assistant (Maternity Cover)
Mr Declan McHaffie BA (Hons) Marketing and Communications Officer



Mr Stuart Jeal Estates Manager
Mr Richard Norris Caretaker
Mr Jezz Rutt Swimming Pool Manager
Mr Adam Jeal Painter & Decorator
Mr Roger Street Carpenter


Mrs Lara Trayford Finance and Payroll Manager
Miss Zena Drew MA HR & Governance Manager
Mrs Yasi Hatefi Finance Assistant
Mr Alex Wade Finance Assistant
Mr Tony Berry Catering Manager
Mrs Susan Ward Domestic Assistant

IT Support

Mr Jan Pakula MA CCNA, CCNP IT Infrastructure Manager
Mr Alec Courtney BA IT Technician
Mr Nathan Morris Apprentice IT Technician



Mr Sam Gerard BSc Percussion and Drums
Mr Ian Higginson FTCL FLCM FLCM FCCM FVCM FNSCM, Hon FNMSM Hon FNC Piano and Organ
Miss Tessa Frye BSc (Hons) Wind Ensemble Director, Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone
Mr Philip Storer Brass
Mr Paul Newman Guitar
Mr Jonathan Trim BMus Violin and Viola
Mrs Helen Wright Cert Ed Voice
Mrs Nickie Clarke ARCM Cert Ed Cello
Ms Saffron Young Double Bass
Mrs Patricia Hemming LGSM ALAMD Public Speaking and Private Drama