Guiding our young people through their adolescent years is an integral part of the Christian education we offer. Our pastoral structure is designed to make sure that someone is always there to give help at the right level.

Whatever you choose to do here you will be in a School with an ethos that will encourage and support you to work hard, where we provide first-rate teaching and exceptional pastoral care to give you every opportunity to succeed and most importantly to leave here having made life-time friends and many happy memories.

St Edward’s prides itself on a high level of pastoral care. The school strives to be open, family orientated and friendly. The Principal and the Management Team are “hands on” and along with the class teachers, work hard to ensure that the pupils are productive and happy, and that parents are involved with every stage of their children’s education.

Form Tutors

The pupils are placed in Tutor Groups by age with a Form Tutor who meets with them every morning and evening for ‘tutor time’. The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for parents and will get in touch straight away if a problem has arisen.

Safeguarding and Anti-Bullying Policies

Section Heads

The Form Tutors are led by three Section Heads for the different age-groups, giving continuity of care during each stage of a pupil’s time in the School:

– the Head of Lower School for Years 7, 8 and 9 (ages 11 to 14)

– the Head of Upper School for Years 10 and 11 (ages 14 to 16)

– the Head of Sixth Form (ages 16-18)

The Section Head, assisted by a Deputy, is responsible for pastoral and disciplinary matters for that age group and will contact parents in the event of a more serious problem. The Section Heads have weekly meetings with their Form Tutors.

Deputy Head Pastoral

The Deputy Head Pastoral has overall responsibility to the Principal for pupils’ welfare and discipline throughout the School. He is the School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). He and the Principal meet weekly with the Section Heads and their Deputies.

First Aid

The School has a full-time Nurse, alongside plenty of First Aid trained staff, available to deal with day to deal medical problems. There are two separate ‘sick bay’ rooms for unwell pupils.


For one day each week we have a Well-Being Nurse on site. Our Well-Being Nurse is a qualified Mental Health Nurse with over 17 years experience of working with people with mental health problems. She has vast experience and expertise in dealing with all aspects of mental health, including early detection, and works closely with staff and teachers at school, offering one-to-one support to our students in a safe environment.

House System

Our House system promotes a strong sense of community, forges friendships across the whole school, promotes healthy competition and generates a great team spirit. We have three Houses within St Edward’s Senior & Sixth Form: Newman, Fisher and More