It is essential to engage students’ interest in mathematics if we are to develop structured and logical thinking. This is not only a skill for life but is a vital part of every student’s intellectual development. Maths is all about thinking clearly.

We aim to:

– Stimulate and maintain students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment of Mathematics.

– Develop their familiarity with mathematical concepts, principles, methods and vocabulary and their understanding of how Maths relates to other subject areas and the outside world.

– Help them to develop transferable skills and informed opinions about their Mathematics which they can support with reasoned arguments.

Mathematics classes are set according to ability throughout the School.

In addition to taking their GCSE at the end of Year 11, Set 1 pupils will also have the opportunity to studying the Further Maths GCSE course during this year. This provides pupils with an introduction to the Mathematics studied at AS and A level and enriches their overall understanding of a variety of concepts. Consistently good results for GCSE mean that Mathematics has a strong uptake in the Sixth Form, with the majority of students gaining a high grade in both Maths and, for those who take it, Further Maths A Level.

Every year we take part in the Individual and Team UK Maths Challenges where our students regularly gain certificates and qualify for the follow-on-rounds. There is a weekly Jaguar Maths Challenge Club for pupils in Year 7 to 10, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Club for Year 7 to 9, whilst the older and most talented Mathematicians enjoy the National Cipher Challenge competition.