Short Stay Courses

Short Stay Courses of varying length are possible at St Edward’s. Pupils are welcome to stay for one, two or three terms and follow as closely as possible the curriculum of the Year Group that they are entering. For some, total immersion may be possible. For others whose level of English may prevent them from accessing all subjects, there may need to be a small reduction in the number of lessons to enable them to take additional English (EAL) lessons. EAL lessons serve to boost a pupils’ abilities in all skills and to offer additional help with their classwork. In Year 10, pupils may, if they wish, be prepared for the PET English examination.


1-Year Courses

A 1-Year Course is possible in Year 11 for pupils who wish to sit a limited number of GCSEs and improve their level of English through EAL, with the possibility of entry into Year 12 the following year if they so wish.

Pre-A Level courses are for pupils of 16 years of age who require significant extra English input through EAL to enable them to have the best chance of succeeding at A level in Year 13. A Pre-A Level student has all the privileges of the Year 12 and 13 pupils, including the uniform, but will not start A level courses fully. A curriculum is devised which is tailored to the need of the pupil, enabling him/her to sit a GCSE examinations and access some Year 12 courses and facilities, with the view to starting the full A level courses the following September.