At St Edward’s Preparatory School and St Edward’s Senior and Sixth Form, our vision is strong – Believe, Strive, Achieve.


We believe in helping each pupil to realise they are truly unique and possess God-given gifts and talents which gives them unlimited potential. We wish to create an educational foundation whereby throughout their lives our pupils will always be ambitious for self-improvement and so develop beyond their perceived potential.


We strive to:

  • provide excellent teaching, learning and outstanding pastoral care
  • provide a wealth of opportunities both curricular and extra-curricular
  • build a caring community based on Gospel values
  • encourage pupils to be the best they can be


We achieve pupils who are:

  • high achievers
  • happy and resilient
  • ambitious and respectful
  • appreciative of self and others
  • equipped with a spiritual foundation, a strong moral code
  • and who are ready to become positive and life-long contributors to society.