In Art, Year 5 pupils have been rolling up their sleeves, donning their aprons and turning clay into vases. The project, which included drawing and creating their concept first, was an excellent way to show our pupils how their work can come to life in different forms. From line drawings to pottery!

This task started with pupils learning all about Ancient Greek pots, how they were made and a discussion about their importance as a historical resource. After this discussion, the children sketched their ideas and took them to the Art Room where Mrs Baker gave them an introduction to pot making.

With intricate fingers, they needed to roll out a sausage shape, or a coil as is the correct ceramic name, ensuring an even width from end to end. After, they gently curled it round, until it resembled a snail shell and delicately smoothed the surface, making sure it resembled the bottom. The next, and tricky part, was forming the sides which meant carefully looping another coil round and round.

As the lesson progressed, the vases started to take shape much to the excitement of our artists. Mrs Baker explained that the finished vases will be fired hard ready for the next stage, adding colourful glazes before a final firing in the kiln.

Learning pottery is an excellent way to show how art can take shape in different forms and encourage our pupils to explore their creativity, imagination and problem solving skills. The next step in the process will be the decoration of the pots, and we cannot wait to see them come to life in multi-coloured fashion!

Prep School | 09/05/2022