With bright sunshine overhead, pupils from Pre-School Hazel and Pre-School Laurel came into the Pre-Prep Hall for an afternoon of singing in their weekly Music session this week. The Hall was filled with renditions of glorious songs including, ‘I am the Music Man’, ‘The Wise Man Built His House’ and ‘Peel the Banana’, with pupils demonstrating their fantastic musical abilities.

Each song had specific movements with pupils needing to listen very carefully to keep in time with the beat and the actions. Lots of excited smiles were seen, as well as perfectly timed actions and catchy melodies.

Music is an essential part of learning for our Pre-School pupils, giving them the chance to learn how to focus, listen carefully and repeat what they’ve heard. The combination of actions and repetition was also an excellent way to enhance their fine and gross motor skills in a fun and thrilling way for our pupils!

Prep | 04/05/2022