In Science, Reception Elm pupils have been experimenting with bubbles. The lesson started off outside, in the Pre-Prep playground, as pupils gathered around to make bubble mixture, using only water and washing-up liquid. Not only was this an excellent way to enable our pupils to work collaboratively, but also helped them to understand the importance of quantities.

After their mixture was thoroughly stirred, the children waited eagerly to try out their bubble solution and see them float up, up and away! Lots of delighted pupils hastily tried their hardest to pop as many as they could!

As a whole, the class displayed excellent communication skills, following instructions perfectly to make the bubble mixture and describing how they made their bubbles, whilst also discussing the differences in shape and size.

The lesson was a huge success and was a great way to encourage observation skills, with Mrs France questioning the pupils on their learning. A brilliant lesson which tested our pupils with purposeful play and allowed for fun and excitement to guide their curiosity and scientific minds!

Prep | 03/05/2022