Year 2 pupils had the wonderful opportunity on Wednesday to utilise the expansive grounds at the Prep School for an exciting lesson in PE where they had a go at various Athletic sports such as relay racing, javelin throwing and the long jump.

In groups, they each took turns learning the correct movements for each discipline, all of which are designed to see them use their strength, stability and precision to excel in each of the sports. From understanding the need to use their shoulders and hips to propel forwards for the long jump, to ensuring the correct techniques that will allow their javelins to glide into the distance, pupils were thrilled to be able to challenge themselves.

Lots of excited cheers were heard and bright smiles seen as everyone demonstrated their athletic abilities and perseverance. The lesson was a great way to progress our pupils’ sporting abilities and prepare them for an invigorating Sports Day at the end of term! Well done Year 2!

Prep | 27/04/2022