Over the last few weeks, the Prep School has enhanced its academic provision in to order to support pupils with the 11+ exam. A dedicated, tailored programme is in place that runs from Year 1 to Year 5 in order to give pupils the best chance to flourish on their chosen academic journey.

Additional sessions are being offered to Year 5 pupils to nurture their academic skills and both challenge and support them. These sessions have taken place throughout the Easter holidays, before school and through our extra-curricular club programme.

As part of this programme, Mrs Kirby held an 11+ booster session over the Easter holidays where pupils took part in a ‘Whizz Card’ tournament, practising their vocabulary collaboratively for the verbal reasoning part of the test. Our pupils were delighted to be able to take part in a fun, interactive session which aimed to encourage their Verbal Reasoning techniques as well as enhance their skills in collaboration as they worked in teams.

In addition, at the start of term Year 5 pupils were given the opportunity to sit a ‘mock’ 11+ test with lots of guidance and support from the teacher. The teacher was able to reassure the children and make them more aware of test techniques.

These dedicated sessions are a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to understand the 11+ concepts, allow them to study at a pace suited to them and gain a richer academic understanding.

Prep School | 26/04/2022