Over recent weeks, Year 6 pupils have been repainting the totem poles which are situated outside the Art Room next to the entrance to the School Office. The totem poles were donated by a Canadian parent in 2010, who worked with that year’s current Year 6 pupils in designing, carving and painting them – the initials of those pupils involved with the original project are even carved at the back!

With the passing of time, the once dazzling totem poles were in need of refreshment, and it was our current Year 6 pupils who took on this exciting challenge during their Art lessons. They were very excited to be able to continue the hard work of those involved 12 years ago and were delighted to return the poles to their original, bright colours. With the bright sunshine overhead, the light captured the excellent, artistic designs our pupils have done. Bumble bees, butterflies and the Owl are looking alive with vivid colour once more and it was a delight to see our pupils working together on this project.

Well done to our Year 6 pupils on your fantastic work and making the totem poles look vibrant once more!

Prep School | 30/03/2022