As part of British Science Week, Year 4 pupils in 4MP took part in a special investigation where they chose to investigate the science of exercise. In teams, using their collaborative skills, pupils aimed to discover whether the school grounds could have an outdoor gym, whilst considering the different types of exercises and how they keep us fit.

Using the facilities in the Pre-Prep playground, Year 4 looked at how the equipment can be used for cardio exercises, strength training and practising balancing – aiding flexibility and mobility. Pupils were able to then get hands-on experience about how different types of exercises impact our bones, muscles and stamina.

This investigation was a great way to highlight the physical and mental benefits of exercise and enable pupils’ abilities in teamwork and metathinking. Back in the classroom, pupils consolidated their learning by producing posters to record their investigation and highlight their findings. A great lesson filled with lots of opportunities to enhance scientific thinking and practise lots of HPL values! Well done, 4MP!

Prep School | 22/03/2022