The theme of British Science Week this year is “Growth” and pupils at Prep have been exploring growth in various ways this week.

Reception Elm were first up, linking their “Literacy Tree” story book with Science Week as they investigated seeds. The class had a fantastic time extracting seeds from a range of fruits and vegetables before taking a closer look at their structure using magnifying glasses. Lots of enquiring and thoughtful questions were asked, with pupils using their skills in linking to grasp that fauna and food can grow from something so small!

Pre-Prep Art Club also tackled the theme of nature with a special session that exploded with colour! Pupils were asked to start creating a still life drawing of spring flowers, and everyone eagerly took on the challenge. Along with teaching pupils about the skill of creating a still life piece of art, pupils were also able to learn about the importance of botanical illustration.

On Wednesday, it was the turn of Year 1 pupils who eagerly took on an exciting activity called ‘A Handy Gardener’. The task aimed to encourage scientific observation, an understanding germinating, and an awareness of the fact that seeds grow at different rates. With a bowl of water, cotton wool and a glove in hand, pupils intricately pushed the wet wool into each of the finger holes before topping it off with a different seed in each one! They are very excited at the prospect of their gloves producing an array of marigolds, peas, broad beans, cornflowers and nasturtiums.

Also on Wednesday, Year 3 were out exploring, hunting the grounds for “Wonderful Worms”! They discovered how worms are incredible recycling engineers, creating super soil for everything that grows, including trees, flowers and all the foods we eat. Pupils used their senses to explore the soil in our school garden, to learn about the hidden world of wonderful, working worms.

Prep School | 18/03/2022