Pupils in Reception Elm have been incredibly busy in their Science lessons, practising their abilities to observe, predict and discuss experiments together! In one lesson, pupils were asked to work in small groups and investigate materials. Each table had a tub full of sand, flour or sugar, with a range of objects hidden amongst it, with pupils asked to use sieves to separate them.

The classroom was soon alive with the sounds of gasps and laughter as rice crispies were separated from sand, and flour was sifted apart from multi sized rainbow coloured bead treasure! Pupils worked hard to group the materials whilst Mrs Hudson encouraged them to make predictions about what would happen with different sized sieves. Our pupils demonstrated their impressive HPL skills of enquiring minds, imagination and critical thinking, all of which are integral for their learning in later years.

It was a fantastic way for everyone to have a hands on scientific experience, which encouraged problem and nurtured our budding Scientists’ natural curiosity!

Prep School | 15/03/2022