On a bright and sunny morning, pupils from Nursery Willow gathered around the Art Room in Kindergarten to learn more about insects. This week, it was the turn of the ladybird which captured the imagination of our young investigators. They learnt that some ladybirds have no spots at all, but some could have as many as 20 and that they can be red, yellow or even orange in colour! Eyes opened wide as they gazed at different images of these fascinating bugs and the excitement rose further as pupils had three tasks to take part in – one involving lots of red paint!

The first table had a mountain of play-doh ready for them to mould and shape their own ladybirds. Delicate fingers crafted round bodies and even smaller black dots to decorate the bodies of their bugs. It was a fantastic way to build their fine motor skills as well as think about the proportions needed to create their ladybirds.

On the next table, the children gathered round for a wonderful chance to work with Miss Buffin and Mrs Abbott to hunt for ladybirds in sand where they practised their counting. Holding up different cards, pupils took turns in counting spots and matching it with a card with the correct number. A wonderful task that challenged their mathematical knowledge and encouraged their ability to match words to numbers!

The last table saw an explosion of red and black paint with paper plates laid out for everyone to take turns to make their very own ladybird. Our artistic pupils crafted beautiful red bodies and splattered black dots with excellent precision.

Well done, everyone!

Prep School | 14/03/2022